Students in this program will receive a holistic training in photography as an art. Key areas of study and training include:

  1. Art history, theory and aesthetics;

  2. Imaging techniques;

  3. Moving image: acquisition and expression; and

  4. Generic studies in photographic art.


During the four years of study, students will need to complete at least 160 credits of courses, of which 40 credits are for general education and English language enhancement, and 120 credits for required and elective major courses.


The major courses in the first two years of study cover a wide variety of subject areas in aesthetics, arts, drawing, art direction, design, and media production. In the upper years, students will apply theories and skills from the first two years to the study of specialized topics in photography and contemporary Imaging as well as advanced projects in photographic digital art.

Students must complete 120 credits of core courses, plus 40 credits of elective courses in General Education, English Language Enhancement and Outside-Discipline Subjects.

English Language Enhancement Courses, such as:

Outside Discipline courses, such as:

20 credits from General Education Elective Courses provided by OUHK